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The Valbona valley 02/09/2018

The Valbona valley, also called the Albanian Alps Miracle, is a national park located north of Albania. It is the ideal destination for those who love the mountains and unspoiled nature. Valbona shows its travelers its majesty through its mountains, its depth through the woods and cliffs, its purity through the crystal clear water where are the golden trouts, its hospitality through the local population, its beauty through colored women's clothes.

How to reach the Valbona Valley
To reach the Valbona valley you must have enough time available! Transportation is varied: bus, van, ferry or your own transport (which will greatly facilitate things).
It is possible to reach Valbona from the capital Tirana. The journey takes about 7 hours and leaves you speechless as you cross breathtaking landscapes. The main part of the journey is the Tirana-Bajram Curri section which includes the ferry trip on Lake Koman. During the crossing you can admire the streams and the small valleys that connect the lake with the river Drini. These create small bays that enter and exit the slopes of the mountains. The ferry trip takes 2 1/2 hours.


Where to stay in Valbona
In the Valbona Valley there are different types of accommodation.
Among the most popular hotels there are:

Hotel Dini
Hotel Margjeka
Also you can also opt for the hostel like Jezerca Guesthouse. But there are several facilities in the area and therefore a wide choice for all budgets.

What to visit in Valbona
In the valley you can make numerous hiking trails. During these walks you can discover biodiversity. It is one of the few places where the spruce is located. You meet large mammals such as bear, wolf, lynx, wild goats, roe deer, mountain eagle, etc. In the waters of the river lives the otter, a species in danger of extinction worldwide.
In addition to outdoor walks you can also practice other sports:
fishing and hunting (only in certain seasons and for certain types of animals), climbing, extreme water sports.

The Valbona National Park also includes natural monuments, such as:
Dragobia Cave (Shpella and Dragobise)
Sources Valbona (Burimet and Valbones)
Picea of ​​Valbona (Pishat and Valbones)
The frozen valleys of Kukaj (Lugina te akullta te Kukaj)



Weather conditions
In the Valbona Valley the mountain climate prevails, also known as the climate of the highlands, but with lots of sun during the summer. Temperatures are never too high due to the location of the area. In winter the snow exceeds one meter in height and remains for about 6 months. Annual rainfall is abundant, most of them fall between autumn and winter. The climate in this region is more suitable for summer and winter tourism. It is necessary to move around the paths with a guide especially during the winter.