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  • It’s @pie_aerts signing off with my last shot. Being a kid there was nothing I loved more than drawing. While others played video games or rode their bikes, I could lock myself in for hours with pencil and paper. It taught me to use my imagination and create stories within the four edges of a canvas. But it was ultimately photography that became a more fitting medium for me. I guess it was the convenience and the use of light that struck me most.
Working on these Africa series makes me vividly relive those precious childhood memories. It somehow feels like going 20 years back in time. But it does feel different in some way too. I’m afraid because in the end, every kid is an artist, the only challenge is how to remain one when growing up.
I hope you liked my take-over. Wanna know more about me or my photography, check out the interview @canon_photos did with me! Hasta la vista!
  • Guys, @pie_aerts with my third shot. When someone asks me why I take photos, I could come up with many answers like the value of beautiful memories, the play with light, or the desire to create frames that the viewer can be drawn into, but to be honest, there’s only 1 real reason for me.
Real connection.
Raw human emotion.
Because in a world that’s so guarded and fearful, nothing is more beautiful than people that are willing to show their soul.
To show you the simple, imperfect but mysterious nature of being human.
And there’s something very strange and touching about that.
Something I can’t get enough of.
And that’s the reason why I’ll start a second account as of today.
Full of real people. Full of connection. Full of stories gathered in 10+ years of travel.
For only 1 reason. Just @because.people.matter 
Let me know what you think about it.
  • Guys, @pie_aerts back here. I’d love to throw in a statement: “Digital manipulation kills photography”. A thought-provoking quote by the legendary Elliot Erwitt. Is he right and is the ‘fix-it-in-photoshop’-mentality killing the actual ‘art of seeing’ that makes photography such a beautiful tool in the first place? Or is his way of reasoning too ‘old-school’ and is post-production creating opportunities instead?
What do you think? Love to hear your thoughts!

Remember to give @pie_aerts Interview a read if you haven’t already! (Link in bio). #canon_photos #cpcollectives
  • Hi guys, it’s @pie_aerts taking over this weekend. Humbled to be interviewed by my friends of @canon_photos. If you wanna know more about me or my photography journey, read the interview. For now, I’ll leave you with one of the moments that changed me forever, a trip to Botswana. 
Looking back, those few weeks in the African bush have been, hands down, the happiest weeks of my life. The simple life, the open road, the strong bond of friendship, the raw connection with nature and the constant quest for pretty things.
I guess, some places you leave, never leave you.
As @pie_aerts said, he’s done an awesome interview with us! Hit the link in our bio to read it now! 
#cpcollectives #canon_photos
  • Photography | @rachstewartnz 
Canon 5Mkiv + 17-40
ISO 100 | f/10 | 55 secs
#Canon_Photos #Australia
  • ⟠➳ Gorgeous sunrise views from @thesavoylondon . Thank you for such a great & festive stay! #savoystyle 😊🎄🥂 ☀︎
Photo | @ianharper_ 
5D Mark iii + 50mm
ISO 250 | f/2.5 | 1/160
#canon_photos #xpocreatives #cpcollectives #horizoncp

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