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  • Photo | @luke_jclark
Freundenburg, Germany 
5D Mark iii + 70-200mm 
ISO 100 | f/2.8 | 2 secs
#canon_photos #xpocreatives #cpcollectives #horizoncp
  • Photo | @ianharper_ 
5D Mark iii + 24-70mm
20 seconds | f/2.8 | ISO 3200
#canon_photos #xpocreatives #cpcollectives #horizoncp
  • Photography | @henry.nathan 
At CP Collectives, we aim to not only improve your photography through presets but also inspire you to try new things! Our preset packs are the perfect way to kick start your photography career. So head over to CP Collectives and have a look for yourself! 
#canon_photos #cpcollectives
  • We are excited to say we’ll be doing an awesome new @canon_photos 2018 Q&A Blog on CP Collectives! This is your chance to ask any questions you want us to answer and we’ll try to include as many as possible in the blog! The best questions may also be featured @canon_photos so follow the link in our bio now and ask away! 
#cpcollectives #canon_photos
  • Photography | @guerelsahinpictures 
Lago Di Braies, Dolomites, Italy
Canon 6 D + Sigma 
50mm | Art f1.4 | ISO 250
f9 | 1/40 sek
#canon_photos #cpcollectives #xpocreatives
  • Brand New Blog👇
‘7 Easy Tips To Improve Your Photography!’
This awesome blog written by @beyondyourbubble breaks down 7 very easy tips to improve your photography! If you want to just see some basic but awesome advice, follow the link in our bio now! It’s live on CP Collectives - go check it out! 
Photography | @ianharper_ 
#cpcollectives #canon_photos

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